Core Values

succulent arrangement, wedding flowers

1. Service

I pride myself to offer outstanding and reliable service to my clients as they are my #1. My full time and effort is given to my clients as I design my service experience around them. This personalized service is necessary as no two weddings are alike and my clients deserve this for their special day! It starts with the first phone call or e-mail all the way through to the final day.

I am proud to provide expert advice and personalized service.

Bella Blumen respects and values diverse life experiences and heritages. We aim to ensure that all voices are valued and well served regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

2. Communication

I am a strong believer that communication is the most essential tool for any kind of relationship. My customers are treated with respect, honesty & transparency. I strive to respond promptly to inquiries and keep appropriate communication throughout the process. My clients’ inquiries or check-ins are always welcome from the beginning until the end.

3. Quality & Details

Quality is an important trait when it comes to the flowers alone as well as the craftsmanship while creating. Attention to detail is of utterly importance and nothing leaves my shop unless I feel it has the final touch of perfection.

Weddings and events require precision and timeliness. Do overs are not an option, therefore it has to be perfect the first time around.

Details matter. I create details!

4. Environment

Floristry can be tough on the environment. I like to follow a very economical approach when working with flowers and other materials. This entails sourcing eco-friendly product when possible, composting, reducing use of chemical solutions and a commitment to source from local flower farms & growing more blooms of my own.

5. Share

Bella Blumen donates to the local food bank with every wedding or event booked.

It is amazing to be a part of such a wonderful and close community that giving back in this way is the least we can do!